Creating a premium experience
for a premium smart scale

Mobile Application



Weight gurus is a weight tracking app that pairs with smart scales to provide users with the data that makes hitting their fitness goals easier.
The smart scales that pair with weight gurus are some of the most highly-rated and purchased on Amazon, making the active user count of Weight Gurus approximately 200,000 users/month.

My Role

UX/UI Design Lead

Project Goals

Optimize day-to-day use to be as simple as possible

Provide Simple “Automagic” Onboarding

Create features that increase user retention

Improve app store ratings


To kick off the design sprint, I created an itinerary to share with the stakeholders to follow along and know what to expect on a week-by-week basis.

Alignment workshop

A pre-alignment workshop survey was sent out to team members and stakeholders to gather insights in preparation for the alignment workshop. Involving team members and stakeholders during the research phase is essential for gathering information to help make better product decisions. This helps get everyone on the same page and have a clear strategy defined before moving forward.

Lightning demos

Lightning demos were gathered to showcase potential features and provide inspiration for design concepts later. Loom was used to host the video clips in a curated library and make them easily accessible to team members.

Competitor analysis

A competitor analysis was conducted to gain insights into the features, functions, flows, and feelings of competitors' products. This helps guide the design decisions necessary for building a superior product experience.

User Personas
UX Sitemap


One of the major pain points of the current product was the onboarding flow. To optimize this, we mapped out every step of the flow and searched for opportunities to reduce the number of steps required to complete it.

Device pairing

A common complaint in app store reviews was that users had trouble pairing their smart scales with their devices. Like the onboarding changes, we looked at every step in the device pairing flow and found ways to simplify and improve it.

Device pairing decision tree

Multiple scales needed to be supported by the app. Each had model-specific requirements and flows (Wifi, Bluetooth, 4-digit pin, QR Code, etc.).  Since there were so many possible variations, we mapped out a decision tree to include every flow to ensure no unnecessary steps for the user.

Weighing in

To increase user retention, we wanted to create a more personal weigh-in experience for users. If a user weighs in with their app open, they can see their weight, the progress they've made towards their goal, and how many days in a row they've weighed in.


Motivation is a significant factor when it comes to fitness. The power of motivation could mean the difference for a user trying to reach their goals. This is why we wanted to create features that support the user on their fitness journey and provide motivation when needed.

Track goals

Every user is different, and so are their goals. So we made sure that users can set personal goals and track their progress every step of the way.


Consistency is essential when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. With streaks, users are encouraged to weigh in every day to earn achievements.


Fitness challenges bring many benefits to the table. They provide motivation, accountability, and more obviously, good old-fashioned exercise. With challenges, users can recruit friends and family to participate with them in customizable fitness challenges. The more, the merrier!

Social Sharing

We noticed users wanted to share the progress they'd worked hard for, so we wanted to create a better format for them to share their progress.

How users posts from Instagram

We looked at how users were using the #weightgurus hashtag and saw that they took screenshots of their progress in-app to share on social media. We understand the dedication and effort it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle. That's why we wanted to match that effort with a customized progress overview that tells the user's story, because it's more than just a screenshot.