"I have found working and collaborating with Alex Martin to be a revelation. Not only is he off the charts talented as a great designer, a genius at user interface and user experience, he inherently has a head for business and understands exactly the what, the why and exactly how the way the presentation and usability of your product will impact your objectives. He matches his know how with yours and delivers success every single time. I highly recommend engaging with him as he will bring a passion and a talent to your team that is undeniable."
Michael Leopold

Executive Vice President of Strategic Accounts, Coolfire Solutions

“I first worked with Alex in my capacity as the CTO of a software product company, and continue to work with him any chance I can. Beyond being a great designer, Alex is an exceptional leader in user experience and design and is at the top of his field in UX knowledge. Alex believes in design influencing product strategy early on and designing how products work vs. simply making them pretty. He is a strong advocate for the customer and uses data to make informed decisions. I can’t recommend Alex highly enough for any role from standard graphic design to complex UX design.”
John Dames

Technology Product Lead, Greater Goods

“Alex is awesome. He made it a priority to understand the spirit we were looking to bring alive, and he captured it perfectly. We sought something that balanced professional and playful, with a fun nostalgic nod, and he nailed it. His eye for design is great, he's very professional, and I would definitely work with him again.”
Scott Bernstein

Co-founder, Cassette Capital

"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is a little more Alex."
Nick Kajok

Vice President of Engineering, Coolfire Solutions

“Alex's creativity and design sensibility are second to none. He was able to understand and internalize abstract concepts and distill them into a cohesive design that not only told our story, but was aesthetically striking and jumped off the page. I highly recommend Alex for any design initiative that seeks to separate your company or product from the pack. “
Bob Koplar

President, WEP