Creating a brand identity for a capital startup

Logo Design



Cassette Capital partners with the founders of small tech and internet-based businesses that are looking for an exit. They help make the process straightforward, simple, and painless, which is why they needed a brand identity to match.
The objective was to create a new landing page suitable for the Defender of the Universe.

My Role

Design Lead

Project Goals

Build a strong brand foundation to grow and expand upon

Demonstrate a modern design with a retro vibe

Promote a sense of trust and approachability

Create a brand that sticks out from the competition


To determine what kind of brand we needed to create, we completed a logo questionnaire, outlined desired brand attributes, conducted competitor research, and took a look at 80's design patterns and tech to gain inspiration from.

Logo questionnaire

The client first completes a questionnaire to outline a primary design direction and strategy.

Brand attributes

Desired brand attributes were listed to reference and keep everyone aligned during the design process.

Competitor analysis

We looked closely at direct and indirect competitors to see what their brands looked like, what they might be doing successfully and unsuccessfully, and used that information to help us diversify and reinforce the brand identity we were creating.

Bold Type + Retro Stripes

While researching designs from the '80s, we noticed a common theme of a monotone gradient or rainbow stripe pattern with bold, geometric fonts. We liked this direction and decided we could modernize the aesthetic with vibrant colors and a bold, futuristic font.

Brand Guidelines

We created a branding guidelines document that defines the rules and standards to show how the brand should be represented.

The Result

An approachable brand that sticks out from its competitors while maintaining a nostalgic and professional aesthetic.