Providing safety and security during a global pandemic

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keee provides safer environments to its users by using facial recognition to grant access control and enhance situational awareness.

With remote temperature screenings, keee decreases health risks by eliminating the need for lines, bottlenecks and requiring everyone to pass through a common access point when trying to enter a facility.

keee has recently been implemented at a Fortune 200 company to increase its security measures.

My Role

UX/UI Design Lead

Project Goals

Pivot existing brand to incorporate new features

Provide enhanced security measures for facility tenants

Create a workflow that verifies user temperatures before they arrive at the facility

Aid in the prevention of Covid-19

A new identity

The client's previous product was used to provide security for concert venues and other large gatherings. Social distancing measures called for a pivot. Their focus had then shifted to providing security features that would aid in the prevention of Covid-19. So our objective was to create a new brand identity to match.


Type System

Primary Color

System Colors

How's it work?

Devices in the facility's security network work with keee to alert the tenant of potential threats using facial recognition.

Sync security network devices with keee

Users can utilize their existing camera network or start fresh with as few or as many cameras as needed.

Create a personal database

Once a photo is uploaded, devices in the network will create an event anytime that person is detected. Users can manually add or import people with as much supporting data as needed.

Monitor for known individuals

Users can view a live feed from connected devices or use alert notifications to respond.

Provides automated entry

Devices added to the security network can be configured to grant automated entry. This eliminates the health risks associated with physical touch access systems

Possible threats are sent as notifications

Notifications alert team members and give the details required in order to respond quickly and effectively.

Providing remote health assessments

Verifying temperature screenings remotely eliminates lines and entry bottlenecks.
Remote screenings also reduce inaccuracies caused by ambient temperatures and reduce the costs associated with thermal equipment.

keee thermometer

keee manufactured small, pocket-sized thermometers so users can take their temperature remotely.

Users take their temperature remotely

The keee thermometer pairs with the keee mobile application for users to record their temperature.

Health assessments are taken

Users complete a questionnaire that is recommended by the CDC. Tenants can also customize the questionnaire to match their security requirements.

Then user receives instructions

Users are either instructed to proceed or remain at home based on their temperature and/or answers to the health assessment questions.

The facility receives access information

Non-sensitive approved/not approved events are provided to the organization to determine access.